Anders Dalsgaard

Anders Dalsgaard


I am a trained veterinarian and microbiologist and Professor in Veterinary Publich Health. I have more than 30-years experience conducting research and building research capacity in low- and middle countries (LMIC), e.g. in South-east Asia and West- and East Africa.

My research focuses on occurrence, fate and transmission of infectious pathogens and antimicrobial resistance in the environment, animals and people in a One Health context. Most research and capacity building activities are international with a focus on LMIC. I teach pre- and post-graduate students within the specified research subject areas.

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I am a Senior Scientific Consultant for the International Centre for Antimicrobial Resistance Solutions (ICARS).

I am affiliated as a Visiting Professor at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

I do occasionally short-term consultancies for FAO and other international organizations.

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