Luckily—I am not the worrying kind: Experiences of patients in the Danish cancer patient pathway for non-specific symptoms and signs of cancer

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In Denmark, due to the implementation of the Non-specific Symptoms and Signs of Cancer-Cancer Patient Pathway (NSSC-CPP), more people with symptoms such as fatigue and weight loss are informed that their symptoms might indicate cancer and they are referred to the pathway. But what do patients in the NSSC-CPP experience, in particular, with respect to being in an affective state of anticipation of a cancer diagnosis? We conducted participant observation and semi-structured interviews with patients to investigate their experience of the NSSC-CPP with a specific focus on their perception of symptoms and their thoughts on worrying about cancer. We found that the phrase ‘worried about cancer’ was not recognised by the participants, but worry was visible in their increased healthcare use and their interpretation of bodily sensations. Our study indicates the need to explore the impact of anticipation and potential cancer worries in participants’ everyday lives, as this context mediates their moral roles and responsibilities and restructures their social lives, while keeping uncertainty and probabilities on the table
Original languageEnglish
JournalHealth: An interdisciplinary journal for the social study of Health, Illness and Medicine
Issue number6
Number of pages17
Publication statusPublished - 2023

ID: 304881786