Harrie C.M. Boonen

Harrie C.M. Boonen

  • Experimental Pharmacology

    Jagtvej 160

    2100 København Ø

  • Pharmacotherapy

    Jagtvej 160, 2100 København Ø, Bygning 21, Building: 105

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Primary fields of research

My primary field of research has, since 1987, been vascular pharmacology and physiology. Initially (Maastricht University) focussing on changes in vascular function and structure in animal models of hypertension but changing towards vascular pathophysiology of diabetes and obesity during my 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry (Novo Nordisk).

Basic in vivo and in vitro vascular research at Maastricht University was supplemented with applied vascular research during the period in the pharmaceutical industry (Novo Nordisk) were the emphasis was on discovery and development of novel oral anti-diabetic treatments, and the first generation of modern insulins. Drug development led my interest into exploratory safety and safety assessment of new drugs and the translational aspects of this process.   

Systems Pharmacology

Current research is aimed at finding and utilising novel computational methods enabling multi-level integrative simulations of biological systems and the changes herein as a result of disease or treatment. Adaptation of vascular function in health and disease is the framework that will be used to achieve this goal.

Fields of interest

Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Physiology,

Complex adaptive systems (CAS),

Drug development and safety assessment

Diabetes, Metabolism, Hypertension

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