The Greenlandic sea areas and activity level up to 2025

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This report analyzes the current commercial and governmental activity in the sea regions north of the Polar Circle from the Northern Sea Route to the North West Passage. The study embraces sea and coastal areas of the North West of Russia, Northern Norway and around Svalbard, Iceland and Greenland. It includes an overview of types of vessels and other objects involved in different activities, and the volume of traffic connected to different types of activities, such as fisheries, petroleum, tourism, navy and research. Furthermore, this report estimates the maritime activity level in the area the next ten years, or until 2025, and the potential development of the regional preparedness system.
The data within this report is derived both from secondary and primary sources. The analysis of the current maritime activity is based on published analytical reports on maritime activity, facts and statistics published by different official sources in brochures and online; and direct interviews with local experts in the countries participating in the study - Russia, Norway, Iceland and Greenland. The report also uses data obtained during discussions on the MARPART conference held in Arkhangelsk, 23-25 September 2014, the 2015 High North Dialogue conference panels held in Bodø 17-19 March 2015, and the MARPART conference and Advisory Board meeting held in Murmansk, 7-11 April 2015.
In each country, the analysis focuses on six types of maritime activity: coastal transport, intercontinental transport, fisheries, petroleum activity, tourism and research/government activity. The last chapter is devoted to summarizing findings about the current developed activity level in the High North sea and coastal regions and the estimated activity level up to 2025. Possible implications for the preparedness system in the High North are also discussed.
TitelMaritime activity in the High North - current and estimated level up to 2025 : MARPART Project Report 1
RedaktørerOdd Jarl Borch, et al.
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StatusUdgivet - 2016
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