Systemic glucocorticoid exposure and postoperative infection risk in 143,782 appendectomy patients—a Danish longitudinal nationwide study

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Glucocorticoids are conventionally associated with increased postoperative infection risk. It is necessary to clarify if preoperative glucocorticoid exposure is associated with postoperative infection in appendectomy patients and if the association is different for open and laparoscopic appendectomies.

A Danish nationwide study of appendectomy patients between 1996 and 2018. Exposures were defined as high (≥ 5 mg) versus no/low (< 5 mg) glucocorticoid exposure in milligram prednisone-equivalents/day preoperatively. The main outcome was any postoperative infection. Then, 90-day cumulative incidences (absolute risk) and adjusted hazard ratios (relative risk) of the outcome were calculated for high versus no/low glucocorticoid exposure within all appendectomies and within open and laparoscopic subgroups. Propensity-score matching was used for sensitivity analysis.

Of 143,782 patients, median age was 29 years, 74,543 were female, and 7654 experienced at least one infection during the 90-day follow-up. The 90-day cumulative incidence for postoperative infection was 5.3% within the no/low glucocorticoid exposure group and 10.0% within the high glucocorticoid exposure group. Compared to no/low glucocorticoid exposure, adjusted hazard ratios for 90-day postoperative infection with high glucocorticoid exposure were 1.25 [95% CI 1.02–1.52; p = 0.03] for all appendectomies, 1.59 [1.16–2.18; p = 0.004] for laparoscopic appendectomies, and 1.09 [0.85–1.40; p = 0.52] for open appendectomies (pinteraction < 0.001). The results were robust to sensitivity analyses.

Preoperative high (≥ 5 mg/day) glucocorticoid exposure was associated with increased absolute risk of postoperative infections in open and laparoscopic appendectomies. The relative risk increase was significant for laparoscopic but not open appendectomies, possibly due to lower absolute risk with no/low glucocorticoid exposure in the laparoscopic subgroup.
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