Supplement to ACUMEN deliverable 5.4a: Description and comparison of indicators in Google Scholar and Web of Science

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We collected publication and citation data in two databases to investigate the extent performance of author-level indicators are effected by choice of database, the stability of indicators across databases and ultimately to illustrate how differences in the computed indicators change our perception of individual researchers. In this report we begin by comparing database coverage,
coverage at seniority and gender-level and then the performance of four basic indicators computed in both databases. In the main deliverable 5.4a, we investigate in a cluster analysis the performance of our previously identified 108 indicators of author-level impact. Understanding the effect of the
database used to source the data and the demographics of the researchers in our sample, will
enable us to put the results of our cluster analysis in perspective and direct future studies
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Rekvirerende organEU 7th Framework Programme
StatusUdgivet - 24 apr. 2014

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