Satellite-based continental-scale inventory of European wetland types at 10m spatial resolution

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Wetlands provide invaluable services for ecosystems and society and are a crucial instrument in our fight against climate change. Although Earth Observation satellites offer cost-effective and accurate information about wetland status at the continental scale; to date, there is no universally accepted, standardized, and regularly updated inventory of European wetlands <100m resolution. Moreover, previous satellite-based global land cover products seldom account for wetland diversity, which often impairs their mapping performances. Here, we mapped major wetland types (i.e., peatland, marshland, and coastal wetlands) across Europe for 2018, based on high resolution (10m) optical and radar time series satellite data as well as field-collected land cover information (LUCAS) using an ensemble model combining traditional machine learning and deep learning approaches. Our results show with high accuracy (>85%) that a substantial extent of European peatlands was previously classified as grassland and other land cover types. In addition, our map highlights cultivated areas (e.g., river floodplains) that can be potentially rewetted. Such accurate and consistent mapping of different wetland types at a continental scale offers a baseline for future wetland monitoring and trend assessment, supports the detailed reporting of European carbon budgets, and lays down the foundation towards a global wetland inventory.
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StatusUdgivet - 2023
BegivenhedEGU General Assembly 2023: Vienna, Austria & Online - Vienna, Østrig
Varighed: 24 apr. 202328 apr. 2023


KonferenceEGU General Assembly 2023

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