Purification of equine Gc-globulin

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With the aim of producing antibodies for an equine Group specific component (Gc)-globulin assay, the protein was purified from normal equine plasma.


Equine Gc-globulin was purified from healthy horse plasma using ion exchange chromatography (Q-Sepharose, CM-Sepharose) and preparative PAGE.


Equine Gc-globulin has successfully been purified from healthy horse plasma and rabbits and mice are being immunized to produce specific antibodies.


Purification of equine Gc-globulin and the production of specific antibodies will make it possible to develop an assay for measuring Gc-globulin in horses. Studies in rodents and humans have shown that Gc-globulin is a multifunctional acute phase plasma protein, which removes actin from the blood by binding it and facilitating its clearance from the circulation by the liver. As such, Gc-globulin prevents hyper coagulation, shock and death in human patients with massive actin release caused by severe tissue injuries like physical trauma, sepsis, endotoxemia, or liver failure. Gc-globulin is consumed in this process, and the plasma concentration of free Gc-globulin hence decreases rapidly after tissue injury and has shown to be a sensitive marker of acute tissue injury and fatal outcome in humans. Patients with a low plasma concentration of Gc-globulin due to severe tissue injury might potentially benefit from infusions with purified Gc-globulin [1]. With an equine Gc-globulin assay, future studies will investigate the concentration of Gc-globulin in colic horses with intestinal ischemia were Gc-globulin might be useful as a diagnostic and prognostic marker. Horses with intestinal ischemia often die, despite of expensive surgical treatment, because of endotoxemia and shock, therefore these horses potentially could benefit from Gc-globulin infusions.

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StatusUdgivet - 2010
BegivenhedEuropean Colloquium on Acute Phase Proteins 2010 - Helsinki, Finland
Varighed: 25 aug. 201027 aug. 2010
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KonferenceEuropean Colloquium on Acute Phase Proteins 2010

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Titel på proceedings: The 8th European Colloquium on Acute Phase Proteins

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