Client expectations regarding antimicrobial treatment for canine outpatients with acute diarrhea

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To investigate client expectations to antimicrobial treatment in dogs
with acute diarrhea treated as outpatients.

Dogs with acute diarrhea presenting to the Emergency Service at the
University Hospital for Companion Animals, University of
Copenhagen, Denmark, from March 2021 to June 2022, were
included. All dogs received a non-antimicrobial supportive treatment
as outpatients. Attending veterinarians filled out close-ended post consultation questionnaires investigating perceived as well as
explicit client expectations of antimicrobial therapy. Client phone
interviews were conducted 14-92 days following the consultation
using an interview protocol including 15 predefined open-ended
questions regarding treatment expectations and satisfaction.
Selected data were retrospectively collected from medical records.

One hundred and twelve dogs were included with a 60% veterinarian
(N=68) and 85% client (N=95) response rate. No dogs received
antimicrobials. In 5/68 consultations, veterinarians perceived that
the client expected antimicrobials. Among these, three clients
explicitly requested antimicrobials. When interviewed, 4/95 clients spontaneously expressed an expectation of receiving antimicrobials
when asked about treatment expectations. One of these had
requested antimicrobials during the consultation. In total, one client
expressed dissatisfaction with the non-antimicrobial regime at the
University Hospital. This client did not request antimicrobials at the
consultation. The remaining clients were overall satisfied.

Statement (conclusions):
In this survey, the vast majority of clients were satisfied with
supportive treatment of their dog presenting with acute diarrhea.
Five percent expressed an expectation of antimicrobial treatment but
only one client expressed dissatisfaction with the non-antimicrobial
treatment regime. It is feasible to obtain high client satisfaction with
a non-antimicrobial treatment-strategy.

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StatusUdgivet - 2022
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