Matthias Arenz

Matthias Arenz

Adjungeret professor

Sapere Aude DFF-Forskningsleder project

The fundamental processes of fuel cell catalyst degradation

The work is funded with the grant# 10-081337 of The Danish Council for Independent Research | Technology and Production Sciences and The Danish Council for Independent Research | Natural Sciences

The aim of the project is to identify the main mechanism for fuel cell catalyst degradation, develop strategies for its mitigation, and to synthesize degradation resistant high surface area catalysts.

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Since 1999, more than 70 publications have been accepted for peer reviewed international journals including 8 contributions to Nature Materials, Angewandte Chemie and Journal of American Chemical Society. In addition about 9 papers have been published in conference proceedings and invited articles, 4 as book chapters. Science citation index indicates > 3700 citations  of the work since 1999 (H-index = 29).

Selected recent publications

M. Nesselberger, M. Roefzaad, F. Hamou, P.U. Biedermann, F.F. Schweinberger, S. Kunz, K. Schlögl, G.K.H. Wiberg, S. Ashton, U. Heiz, K.J.J. Mayrhofer, M. Arenz; Closing the Gap: Overlapping electrical double layer enhances the oxygen reduction reaction on Pt-nanoclusters; Nature Materials, DOI: 10.1038/nmat3712

K. Hartl, M. Hanzlik, M. Arenz; IL-TEM investigations on the degradation mechanism of Pt/C electrocatalysts with different carbon supports; Energy & Environmental Science 2011, 4, 234-238

M. Nesselberger; S.J. Ashton, J.C. Meier, I. Katsounaros, K.J.J. Mayrhofer, M. Arenz; The particle size effect on the oxygen reduction reaction activity of Pt catalysts: Influence of electrolyte and relation to single crystal models; Journal of American Chemical Society 2011, 133, 17428–17433

Mayrhofer K.J.J., Hartl K, Juhart V, Arenz M. 
Degradation of Carbon-Supported Pt Bimetallic Nanoparticles by Surface Segregation 
Journal of American Chemical Society, 131, 16348-16349 (2009)  

Mayrhofer K.J.J., Arenz M. 
Log on for new catalysts
Nature Chemistry, 1, 518-519 (2009)

Primære forskningsområder

Electrocatalysis, Degradation mechanisms of PEM fuel cell catalysts, Properties of size-selected metal clusters.

ID: 17436016