Explanations in Sociosyntactic Variation

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While syntactic variables have been studied extensively over the last couple of decades, the field is still in need of principled discussions of central and persistent questions relating to the factors underlying and explaining variation within the grammatical domain of language.
This volume offers a series of chapters by internationally acclaimed authors who analyze and discuss questions such as: What explains syntactic variation; What is the relationship between linguistic and social predictors; How do we best operationalize syntactic variables; How do we examine possible semantic differences between variants; and: What types of predictors are more important with which type of variable? 
The analyses presented in the book are based on a range of languages making it possible to address the questions from a cross-linguistic perspective. All chapters demonstrate rigorous and meticulously performed quantitative analyses which exposes the conditioning factors in language change as well as offer important insights into community and individual grammars.
ForlagCambridge University Press
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ISBN (Trykt)9781108492843
ISBN (Elektronisk)9781108674942
StatusUdgivet - 2022
NavnStudies in Language Variation and Change

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