Xoaquin Serxio Perez Sindin Lopez

Xoaquin Serxio Perez Sindin Lopez

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My research and teaching focuses on the social local implications of globalization – free movement of trade, capital, people, and information - including the following areas:

- Old and new geographies of energy resources

- Rural and industrial transformations

- Deindustrialization and decarbonisation in a context of climate change

- Social and cultural aspects of landscape changes

- Migration, residential segregation and conflicts

Broadly, I investigate places that are emerging frontier zones for global actors, institutions and processes. I look at how things are organized in those places, who is involved and which forms of knowledge play a role. I try to understand how communities change, adapt and look for new paths and how this could be enhanced. I like to combine quantitative analysis, fieldwork and theoretical reflections – practice theory (Bourdieu), Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft, risk society and dependency theories. Currently, I am working on a project on coal global production network, who dominates the market and what are the implication in terms of regional development in the global south.

Hence, I am situated at the intersection of social/economic geography, environmental and develUpdateopment sociology and globalization studies. My regional specialization includes Latin America and Europe and, more broadly, regions undergoing industrial, rural and land transformations.

I like to engage in wider societal debates around how we provide and manage natural resources necessary for our day-to-day - atmosphere, water, minerals, wind, vegetation, sunlight, land – with the least social and environmental impact? To what extent that provision and management enhance or constrain livelihood opportunities for those living near the places where resources are extracted? I often engage in discussion and/or collaborations with communities, activists and public institutions, including providing advice on social aspects of energy transition: challenges of extractive industries dependent regions in a context of decarbonisation and adaptation of renewable energy projects.

I have experience teaching MSc courses in sociology of space, urban sociology and research methods (fieldwork methods, qualitative data analysis, ethics and philosophy of science).

ID: 200169532