Gitte Buch-Hansen

Gitte Buch-Hansen


Primære forskningsområder

  • New Testament texts in their ancient philosophical context (Hellenistic physics and ethics)
  • New Testament texts in their social historical context (e.g. Slave studies, disability studies) 
  • Gender Studies: Conceptions of the body in antiquity and modernity. 
  • Historical and contemporary reception of the Bible in art and culture 
  • Ethnographical exegesis: Contemporary Bible Readings performed by 'ordinary readers'


Aktuel forskning

As Biblical scholar, my research areas are, listed in order of priority, the study of Pauline and Johannine texts in their ancient philosophical context; of New Testament texts in light of ancient and modern understanding of the body (gender, race, dis/ability); of the historical and contemporary reception and function of biblical traditions in society and culture – and of the translation of the Bible in light of contemporary translation studies.

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