Christoffer Olling Back

Christoffer Olling Back

Ekstern postdoc, Ph.d.-studerende

Industrial Postdoc in the Department of Computer Science working at ServiceNow as a part of the new Digital Research Centre Denmark (DIREC).

Research interests:
- Machine Learning
- Pattern Recognition
- Process Mining
- Symbolic/Logic-based AI
- Unifying above approaches

My overarching research interest is in AI generally, especially its application to computing/automation tools themselves. Recently, as a member of the Process Modelling and Intelligence group, my research has focused specifically on process mining, machine learning and pattern recognition for process-related data . In particular, data stemming from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems which automate and log the execution of complex business processes.

I have taught as a guest lecturer, assistant teacher and tutor in topics ranging from data science, machine learning and mathematics; to software engineering and computer science in law. 

In my free time, I enjoy making glass art by hand as well as developing novel digital fabrication technologies for glass.


PhD Computer Science (University of Copenhagen)
Mathematics, supplementary coursework (Roskilde University)
MSc Artificial Intelligence (University of Edinburgh)
BA Psychology w/ Computer Science (Lewis & Clark College)
BA Applied Arts - Glass (Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts)

ID: 173689456