Toke Emil Panduro

Toke Emil Panduro


The projects I have been involved in have mainly focused on economic valuation, property model estimation, large scale spatial data analysis and climate adaptation.  During these projects I have developed into a highly proficient spatial econometrician, a skilled programmer and a GIS expert.

Skills and experience I especially would like to emphasis:

  • Expert in economic valuation
  • Climate adaptation specialist  
  • Great knowledge of spatial econometrics 
  • Experience with advanced spatial data analysis
  • Handling and manipulating "Big data" with millions of rows   
  • Statistical programming: R, Stata & SPSS  
  • GIS:  ArcGIS Desktop, Python (arcpy), GRASS, R, QGIS & MapWindow GIS
  • Data management: R, Python, Bash, AWK & SQL

Check out more info on my private website: 

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