UPF Panel Discussion: The future of the EU

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Ian James Manners - Deltager

UPF Panel Discussion: The future of the EU After the infamous year of 2016, the global arena as we know it has completely altered. 2017 will be the year when the EU:s second biggest economy starts its withdrawal from the union, when new national leaders will be elected in Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands and when the EU will have to deal hundreds of thousands of people arriving at its doorstep seeking refuge and the renewed threat of banks crashing. Will this be the make it or break it year for the EU? Will more countries follow UK’s lead or will Brexit instead bring the EU countries closer together? What sort of deal can the UK expect to get? What does the election of Trump mean for EU in global politics? And how can the EU handle the issues of increased migration and the lingering financial crisis? We have gathered leading EU-experts to answer these questions and any other you may have. The panel discussion will start right after the get active meeting and the panel will consist of Ole Ryborg, Maria Strömvik and Ian Manners. Moderator of the evening is Ylva Nilsson. You can find more information about the participants in the updated event description above.
1 feb. 2017


AndetUPF Panel Discussion: The future of the EU
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