The European Union's Normative Power in Changing Global Order: The EURECO Distinguished Lecture Series 2013 - Europe and the changing global order.

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentation - typerForedrag og mundtlige bidrag

Ian James Manners - Foredragsholder

The normative power approach to understanding the EU in a changing global order emphasises three aspects - the role of normative theory; the use of normative justification; and the characterisation of European communion. This lecture uses these three aspects to make sense of the EU's normative power in a changing global order by rethinking the nature of power and actorness in a globalising, multilateralising and multipolarising era. Based on two decades of analysis of the EU in global politics, the lecture will argue that rather than assuming the decline of the EU in the new multipolar order, much greater thought must be given to how the EU co-constitutes itself and changes global order in the 21st century.
22 okt. 2013

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