The 11. International Symposium on Ruminant Physiology

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Peder Nørgaard - Deltager

    6 sep. 20099 sep. 2009


    KonferenceThe 11. International Symposium on Ruminant Physiology
    AndetDeltaget med 3 posters: "Effects of stage of grass silage maturity and level of concentrate in ewes in late gestation and early lactation on feed intake, blood energy metabolites and the performance of their lambs. M. Eknaes, A.T. Randby, P. Nørgaard"; "Effects of maturity stage at harvest on the number of large particles in faeces from pregnant ewes fed grass silage. A.R. Jalali, P. Nørgaard, E. Nadeau"; "A new method for simultaneous recording of methane eructation, reticulo-rumen motility and jaw movements in rumen fistulated cattle. A.-K.S. Koch, P. Nørgaard, K. Hilden."

    ID: 18484780