Biopolitics of ageing

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Aske Juul Lassen - Arrangør

The Center for Healthy Aging arranged the first international symposium on the Biopolitics of Ageing. The aim of the symposium was to build an intellectual platform for the merging of ageing studies and biopolitical perspectives, and to facilitate new research collaboration and exchange of ideas within this international and interdisciplinary field. This two-day symposium engaged in these relevant and emerging topics through four public keynotes and six three-hour-workshops in smaller groups for invitees only. The workshops ran in two tracks with the themes of neuroscience, everyday life, biopolitics of death, commercialization of ageing bodies and medicalization of ageing bodies. The workshop format differed from workshop to workshop but they all focused on providing time and space for joint discussion for all participants. We succeeded in attracting some of the leading scholars within the field as public keynotes and as workshop leaders and further collaborations were planned during the two days.
4 dec. 20135 dec. 2013


SeminarBiopolitics of ageing
AfholdelsesstedUniversity of Copenhagen

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