Søren Balling Engelsen

Søren Balling Engelsen


Since 2001 I have been the head of the Spectroscopy & Chemometrics research group - now approximately 40 persons. The section’s key competences are in a wide range of spectroscopic techniques and advanced chemometrics applied to industrial and academic research for food and health. The Spectroscopy & Chemometrics group is a dynamic and creative team with involvement in a wide range of inter-disciplinary applications.

Primary fields of research

  • Development and application of high-throughput quantitative spectroscopy (NIR and NMR) for biological samples in quality control, process analytical technology, foodomics and metabolomics
  • Development and application of chemometric methods for exploring and analysing spectroscopic data
  • Carbohydrate structure, dynamics, hydration and functionality as studied by spectroscopy and molecular modelling



  • Basic Food Science Course
  • Quantitative BioSpectroscopy

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