Ole Wæver

Ole Wæver


Office hours: Tuesdays 12:30-14:00, building/office No. 8.0.19

Primary fields of research

International Relations

  • Theories of International Relations

  • History of the Discipline

  • Sociology of Science inspired analysis of the discipline

  • The Possibilities for Non-Western Theories

  • IR in Scandinavia – results from the TRIP survey

  • Theories about theories: philosophy of science and tools for understanding international relations


Security Studies

  • Continued development of the so-called Copenhagen School / theory of securitization

  • The history and sociology of security studies

  • Empirical analysis of the global patterns of regional security (the theory of 'regional security complexes')

  • Religion, secularism and security

  • Climate change as security issue

  • Interdisciplinary comparison of methods for the characterisation of danger, risk, threat, catastrophe and insecurity

  • Ontological security – and other new attempts to connect emotions and politics in security studies

  • Identity/Security in the Post-Western World Order


Conceptual History for International Relations

  • History of the concept of security

  • Theory and methodology for the study of concepts in International Relations


Conflict Theory

  • Classics from sociology and the need today for understanding conflict as conflict

  • De-securitization and ontological security as tools for conflict resolution

  • Sociology of Knowledge: Conflict Expertise as a Field


Sociology of Social Sciences

  • Revising theories from sociology of science and STS for the study of social sciences

  • Comparative analysis of Social Sciences

  • The International Relations discipline

  • Security Studies between University Disciplines and Policy Research

  • Conflict Expertise as a heterogeneous field

  • Institutions Internationally for Aggregation, Negotiation and Communication of Scientefic Advice: Climate Change, Planetary Boundaries and Emerging Scientific Breakthroughs


Speech Act Theory

  • Politics in different speech act theories

  • Deepening Securitization Theory with Austin and Sbisa

  • Social Ontologies of Security


Scientific Revolutions and Political Re-orientation - Niels Bohr, an Open World and 21st Century Challenges


Continued Interests without short-term publication plans

  • The mutually constitutive relationship between European integration, identity and security

  • Nation and State concepts as key to foreign policies - discourse analysis as theory for this; empirically applied to Germany

  • The status and prospects for international law and different forms of world order

  • Missile defense, weaponization of space and deterrence theory

  • Danish security and defense policy

  • Identity, cooperation and transregionalism in the Nordic and Baltic areas

  • The English School as IR Research Programme




I teach and supervise primarily within the same domains that I research.

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