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    Societal aspects of pharmacoprinting of personalized medicine

    As the importance of personalized medicine is increasingly being recognized, there is a need to re-think the way in which medicines are currently being produced. Pharmacoprinting with 2D and 3D printers is a relatively new technology for producing/compounding medicine. Especially 3D printing of medicine comes with many new opportunities for creating personalized pills or capsules with different doses and delivery mechanisms, and even individualized polypills that combine two or more APIs. However, it can also present some challenges such as legal, regulatory, ethical, organizational and societal changes.

    Our aim is to understand the different aspects in which this new technology would influence the current manufacturing/compounding practices, in order to assess the feasibility and future success of implementing the pharmacoprinting of personalized medicine.

    We plan to achieve this aim by conducting in-depth interviews with different stakeholders who are expected to be affected by the implementation of this new technology, including regulators, suppliers, the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacies, prescribers and patients.

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