Maria Kristiansen

Maria Kristiansen


Current research

Professor of Participatory Health Services Research and Research Group Leader at the Department of Public Health, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, UCPH.

Lead the development process of the University of Copenhagen's Collaborative Ageing Research Initiative (CARI) that will launch primo 2025. Hold a Research Collaborator appointment at the Mayo Clinic, Minnesota.

Particularly invested in and passionate about research leadership and strategic initiatives to enhance foundations for collaborative, curiosity-driven and impact-oriented interdisciplinary research in broad partnerships; supporting sustainable careers for younger researchers; and advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in academia.

Background in Public Health Sciences, and a PhD in multi-methods Health Services Research from UCPH. From 2013-19, Honorary Research Fellow at the Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics, University of Edinburgh. Key in the initiation of the academic public health program in Qatar, 2013-15. Deputy Head of Department at the Department of Public Health, UCPH, 2021-23, and Deputy Director of Center for Healthy Aging, UCPH, 2021-23.

Completed several leadership tracks, including the Women Leaders Programme, INSEAD; the UCPH Forward: Talent Programme for Excellence in Research; and Advancing Diversity and Inclusion, INSEAD. Completed course in Board training, Altinget & Rud Pedersen Public Affairs.

Head of a research group that conducts interdisciplinary, collaborative and mixed methods research with the mission to enhance person-centered and sustainable healthcare in the context of population aging and diversity. This will contribute towards addressing societal challenges as well as opportunities inherent in population aging, and lay the foundations for evidence-based policies and practices. Collaborates with a range of national and international stakeholders e.g. citizen representatives, patient organizations, public partners in the health and social care fields, private partners and knowledge institutions.

Have directed/direct research projects with national and international partners. Author and co-author of 130+ peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. Contribute with a range of other science communication activities including reports, debate articles, blogs, talks at science and public festivals, viewpoints, interviews in radio and television, and conference contributions such as keynotes, panels, oral and poster presentations.  

Board member, public speaker and consultant. The vice chair of the Board of Directors at the EGV Foundation, on the Board of Directors of the Danish Institute in Damascus, and a member of the Steering Committee of the University Hospitals' Center for Health Research.

Involved in assessment of grant applications and academic work nationally and internationally, e.g. for Horizon Europe, the European Research Council, the Innovative Health Initiative, the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Programme, Pathfinder Open, the Research Council of Norway, Forte (the Swedish Research Council), The Fund for Scientific Research – FNRS, Trygfonden, the Research Committee of the Danish Heart Foundation, the Grant Committee and the Training Committee of the Danish Cardiovascular Academy, the Scientific Committee of the Danish Cancer Society, the Dutch Research Council, and the Baltic Research Programme.

Fields of interest

Participatory science; interdisciplinary research; aging; patient and user engagement/involvement; person-centered care; diversity; inequality; public health; health services research; co-creation; outreach; impact; mixed-methods studies; intervention studies; implementation; innovation.


Participatory research; patient and public involvement (PPI); aging; person-centered care; diversity; inequality; public health; health services research; mixed methods approaches.

Teach, supervise and assess Bachelor, Master and PhD students, run internships, and mentor younger researchers. Member of the External Examiner Group for Public Health and Related Programs, Denmark.

Primary fields of research


Participatory research; interdisciplinary research; aging research; health services research; public health.

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