Long Nguyen

Long Nguyen

Tenure Track Assistant Professor

Primary fields of research

My research focuses on bridging separate worlds of knowledge to develop novel insights into clinical epidemiology and public engagement.

Identifying myself as a methodical generalist, I adopt a polymathic perspective in my work. My research is applied to diverse health issues – from COVID-19 response to cardiometabolic diseases, skin diseases, critical care and perioperative medicine, occupational health, parent-child health, childhood adversities, old age medicine, drug prescription and polypharmacy, precision and personalised medicine. In terms of methodology, my expertise, experience and interests cover: causal inference methods (matching, weighting, propensity score techniques and prognostic analogues, instrumental variables, g-methods, targeted-maximum-likelihood-estimation methods); prediction modelling using traditional regression models or AI machine learning; various other statistical topics (e.g. missing data, synthetic data, Monte Carlo simulation); data visualisation and sonification; aesthetics of knowledge and education; science democratisation and public engagement via culture and the arts; exhibition curation; community building.

In short, my work covers a large spectrum of methods and applications addressing clinical epidemiology and public health engagement – which I tackle using a transdisciplinary approach.


Course responsability at the University of Copenhagen:

- "Playfulness and Connection in Teaching", PhD course (course leader)

- "Conducting and Reporting a Propensity Score Analysis", PhD course (course leader)

- "Precision Medicine in Public Health", MSc in Public Health Science (couse co-leader)

- "Statistics, Epidemiology and Social Medicine", MSc in Medicine (course co-leader)

- "Epidemiological Methods in Medical Research", PhD course (teacher)

- "Causal Inference, part II", PhD course (teacher)

- "Advanced Epidemiology", MSc in Public Health Science (teacher)


I had the honour to be nominated for the Teacher of the Year Award (Årets Harald) in 2023.

Fields of interest

In addition to my research and teaching responsibility, I have created a novel platform for sharing societal reflections in the popular neighbourhood Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark: a hybrid pop-up named nở · bro, which carries the idea of blooming and growing (nở in Vietnamese) and of bridging and connecting (bro in Danish). Inspired by the ancient Greek agora, during two seasons (Jul 2022 and Jan/Feb 2023) I ran this ‘novel agora’ to connect people around societal reflections with workshops facilitated by researchers, art exhibitions with works of local artists, community dinners and other social events. The core idea of this ‘bottom-up’ initiative was to break down barriers between creative disciplines and practices, to integrate societal reflections into culture and facilitate knowledge-sharing within the local community. Over the two editions, the novel agora welcomed hundreds of visitors. More information on Instagram: @no.hoi.bro.

Possible conflicts of interest

I have no conflicts of interest.

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