Leila Lo Leggio
Leila Lo Leggio


  • July 1993: First class Honours Degree from the University of Bath, UK (professional placements at Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK and Max-Planck Institute, Martinsried, München, Germany).
  • March 1997: PhD obtained at Institute of Food Research, Reading, UK/Birkbeck College, London,
  • April 1997-July 2003: Postdoctoral employment at Centre for Crystallographic Studies, Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen (funded by the Danish National Research Foundation, the EU and EMBO).
  • August 2003-February 2018: Associate professor at the Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen.
  • 2005-2012: Group leader of Biophysical Chemistry Group, Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen(Integrated in the Biophysical and Bioinorganic Chemistry Section in 2012)
  • From Jan 2016: Section Leader, Biological Chemistry section
  • From March 2018: Professor at the Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen
  • 72 published or accepted peer reviewed articles, reviews and conference proceedings, 12 as first author, 31 as corresponding author. 10 additional publications
  • 2818 Web of Science (WoS) and 4311 Google Scholar (GS) citations, 41 cites/article on WoS, H-I of 22 from WoS and 28 from GS, i10index from GS of 49, i100 index from GS of 1
  • Author of 86 PDB entries

ID: 13810