David Dreyer Lassen

David Dreyer Lassen


Member of:

Primary fields of research

social data science, political economics, public economics


In 2015 I created, with a postdoc, the course Social Data Science, and have been teaching this, most recently called Introduction to Social Data Science, as well as Data Governance for the past five years. These courses are now part of the M.Sc. program in Social Data Science. Earlier I taught political economy, public economics and regulation, and microeconomics. 

Current research

  • economic behavior and economic and political inequality (DNRF grant)
  • choice, behavior and (educational) performance (ERC and EPRN grants)
  • predicting social and economic life trajectories using administrative and network data (Villum grant)
  • social data science: applied machine learning and prediction in the social science, text-as-data, privacy (SODAS)

Possible conflicts of interest

Member of the Board, Statistics Denmark; member of the Competition Recource Council; member of the Reform commission; member of the board, DEA; chairman for videnskab.dks Advisory Board; misc. reviewing for non-Danish foundations etc.

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