Special Issue: Art in Public Spaces: New Roles for Art and Curating in Times of Transnational Mobility

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How do artistic and curatorial practices contribute to the negotiations taking place in public spaces today? How are the long-term cultural effects of migration analysed and debated within the art field? And by means of which artistic and curatorial modes of address are new publics created within culturally pluralized societies? This special issue engages with these questions, bringing together articles spanning a wide spectrum of disciplines such as art history, sociology, cultural studies, and curatorial studies and approaching the topic from both theoretical and analytical perspectives. The contributions examine how the traditional roles of artistic and curatorial practices are being challenged in times of transnational mobility, and they do so by taking their point of departure in a variety of geographical contexts, by engaging critically with the asymmetrical power relations being played out in todays’ transnationally interconnected societies, and by emphasizing the importance of creating new alliances of solidarity that cut across sedimented markers of difference.

Link to list of contents: https://www.tandfonline.com/journals/zjac20/collections/Art-in-Public-Spaces
Publikationsdato9 dec. 2021
UdgiverJournal of Aesthetics & Culture
Udgaveno. 1
StatusUdgivet - 9 dec. 2021

ID: 296250856