Possible signs of recovery of the nearly extirpated Spitsbergen bowhead whales: calves observed in east Greenland

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The Spitsbergen population of bowhead whales (Balaena mysticetus) was harvested to near extinction during the whaling era. Here, we show possible signs of recovery of the population by reporting observations of two calves in the Scoresby Sund polynya in East Greenland on 2 and 4 May 2022, and it is the first observation of this kind in this area since the early 1900s.

TidsskriftPolar Research
Antal sider4
StatusUdgivet - 2023

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This study was funded by the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources and the National Environmental Protection Agency, Danish Ministry of Environment, under the programme for cooperation on the environment in the Arctic (Dancea).

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