TOUCHING VISIONS: Using Film as an Affective Resonance Medium to Explore Changing Landscapes of Care, Use and Exploitation

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The experimental and co-collaborative film TOUCHING VISIONS IS made together with the UCPH colleges Sofie Stilling, Kassandra Wellendorf Henriette Steiner, Kristin Veel, Hongxia Pu and Kent Pørksen.
The film is developed together with the IGN International Academy 2021 professors Anne Whiston Spirn, MIT and Hugh Campbell, University College Dublin. More info on collaboration here:
See the original film here : (no subtitles).
It was screened at Copenhagen Architecture Festival October 12 2021 also featuring danish sound and media artist Jacob Kirkegaard and professor Igea Troiani, UK.
Publikationsdato12 okt. 2021
Medier for resultatVideo
StatusUdgivet - 12 okt. 2021

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