Public Space in European Social Housing: Online research exhibition of the PUSH project

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  • Melissa Anna Murphy
  • Lillin Knudtzon
  • Inger-Lise Saglie
  • Marie Glaser
  • Eveline Althaus
  • Liv Christensen
  • Laura Lieto
  • Marilena Prisco
  • Maria Federica Palestina
  • Paola Scala
  • Gilda Berruti
  • Giovangiuseppe Vannelli
  • Grazia Pota
  • Maria Cerreta
  • Maria Reitano
  • Giuliano Poli
  • Cristina Ferraiuolo
Exhibitions are a well-proven format for communicating architecture and for sparking dialogue and debate about architecture. The PUSH project builds on this tradition and works with exhibitions to articulate, share and question our ongoing research about public space in European social housing (PUSH), including cooperative housing and rental mass housing estate and, ultimately, to drive the project forward. This web site provides a peek into the toolbox of our work-in-progress in the format of an online exhibition that will evolve and expand over time. PUSH uses exhibitions not only as a tool for knowledge exchange but for collaborative transdisciplinary knowledge development. We are a multidisciplinary team of international researchers with different backgrounds (architects, landscape architects, urban planners, architectural historians, anthropologists, and sociologists) and collaborate with many associated project partners (from an art photographer to local housing associations and national and European NGO’s). Together we collect and make visual documentation, analysis and interpretations of how publicness is produced on social housing estates: photos, videos, drawings, analytical maps and diagrams. Throughout the project, we share and interrogate these findings in a series of physical exhibitions at transnational and local workshops to jointly drive the project forward. On this website, we share these physical exhibitions and the debates they stimulate in formats that again are easy to share on other platforms than our own. In this way, we hope to communicate and debate our research findings with multiple audiences, ranging from the housing estates’ local residents and stakeholders to planning practitioners, policymakers, NGOs and international researchers.
StatusUdgivet - 2020


ID: 256775131