Prospects to improve the nutritional quality of crops. Food and Energy Security

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningfagfællebedømt

  • Lars Scharff
  • Alexandra Baekelandt
  • Alexandra J. Burgess
  • Aldo Ceriotti
  • Jean-Pierre Cohan
  • Richard P. Haslam
  • Dirk Inzé
  • René Klein Lankhorst
  • Erik Murchie
  • Johnathan A. Napier
  • Philippe Nacry
  • Martin A.J. Parry
  • Angelo Santino
  • Aurelia Scarano
  • Francesca Sparvoli
  • Ralf Wilhelm
A growing world population as well as the need to enhance sustainability and health create challenges for crop breeding. To address these challenges, not only quantitative but also qualitative improvements are needed, especially regarding the macro- and micronutrient composition and content. In this review, we describe different examples on how the nutritional quality of crops and the bioavailability of individual nutrients can be optimised. We focus on increasing protein content, the use of alternative protein crops, and improving protein functionality. Furthermore, approaches to enhance the content of vitamins and minerals as well as healthy specialised metabolites and long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids are considered. In addition, methods to reduce antinutrients and toxins are presented. On the one hand, these approaches could help to decrease the ‘hidden hunger’ caused by micronutrient deficiencies. On the other hand, a more diverse crop range with improved nutritional profile could help to shift to healthier and more sustainable plant-based diets.
TidsskriftFood and Energy Security
StatusAccepteret/In press - 2021

ID: 279830404