Objects prompt authentic scientific activities among learners in a museum programme

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningfagfællebedømt


Although the scientific disciplines conduct practical work in different ways, all consider
practical work as the essential way of connecting objects and phenomena with ideas and the abstract. Accordingly, practical work is regarded as central to science education as well. We investigate a practical, object-based palaeontology programme at a natural history museum to identify how palaeontological objects prompt scientific activity among upper secondary school students. We first construct a theoretical framework based on an analysis of the programme’s palaeontological content. From this, we build our reference model, which considers the specimens used in the programme, possible palaeontological interpretations of these specimens, and the conditions inherent in the programme. We use the reference model to analyse the activities of programme participants, and illustrate how these activities are
palaeontologically authentic. Finally, we discuss our findings, examining the mechanism by which the specimens prompt scientific activities. We also discuss our discipline-based approach, and how it allows us to positively identify participants’ activities as authentic. We conclude by discussing the implications of our findings.
Bidragets oversatte titelGenstande promoverer autentiske naturvidenskabelige aktiviteter blandt deltagere i et museumsbaseret undervisningsforløb
TidsskriftInternational Journal of Science Education
Udgave nummer6
Sider (fra-til)1012-1035
Antal sider24
StatusUdgivet - 2016

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