Mucoadhesive chitosan- and cellulose derivative-based nanofiber-on-foam-on-film system for non-invasive peptide delivery

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Oromucosal administration is an attractive non-invasive route. However, drug absorption is challenged by salivary flow and the mucosa being a significant permeability barrier. The aim of this study was to design and investigate a multi-layered nanofiber-on-foam-on-film (NFF) drug delivery system with unique properties and based on polysaccharides combined as i) mucoadhesive chitosan-based nanofibers, ii) a peptide loaded hydroxypropyl methylcellulose foam, and iii) a saliva-repelling backing film based on ethylcellulose. NFF displays optimal mechanical properties shown by dynamic mechanical analysis, and biocompatibility demonstrated after exposure to a TR146 cell monolayer. Chitosan-based nanofibers provided the NFF with improved mucoadhesion compared to that of the foam alone. After 1 h, >80 % of the peptide desmopressin was released from the NFF. Ex vivo permeation studies across porcine buccal mucosa indicated that NFF improved the permeation of desmopressin compared to a commercial freeze-dried tablet. The findings demonstrate the potential of the NFF as a biocompatible drug delivery system.

TidsskriftCarbohydrate Polymers
StatusUdgivet - 2023

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