Knowledge transfer from experienced to emerging aquaculture industries in developing countries: the case of shrimp and pangasius in Bangladesh

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The shrimp industry of Bangladesh is well experienced and almost the sole contributor to fish export. The rapid growth of pangasius aquaculture has emerged as a new opportunity for export but the export path is uneven for a new species. This article identifies areas where the pangasius industry can use knowledge obtained from the development of the shrimp industry to develop its own export opportunities. The shrimp industry has developed infrastructure and a specific legal framework in the form of e-traceability and licensing to comply with food safety and certification requirements of its global buyers. The pangasius industry can also learn from the mistakes of the shrimp industry, particularly those concerning planned ponds and dike systems. The experience of the shrimp industry is a new school of learning for the pangasius industry to get access to the global market.

TidsskriftJournal of Applied Aquaculture
Udgave nummer2
Sider (fra-til)73-95
Antal sider23
StatusUdgivet - 2021

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The authors would like to thank the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) for its financial support for the project “Upgrading pangasius and tilapia value chains in Bangladesh”, project number F38A26778, under which the research was conducted.

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