Installation Art: Between Image and Stage

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Despite its large and growing popularity – to say nothing of
its near-ubiquity in the world’s art scenes and international
exhibitions of contemporary art –installation art remains a form
whose artistic vocabulary and conceptual basis have rarely been
subjected to thorough critical examination.
In Installation Art: Between Image and Stage, Anne Ring
Petersen aims to change that. She begins by exploring how
installation art developed into an interdisciplinary genre in
the 1960s, and how its intertwining of the visual and the
performative has acted as a catalyst for the generation of
new artistic phenomena. It investigates how it became one of
today’s most widely used art forms, increasingly expanding into
consumer, popular and urban cultures, where installation’s often
spectacular appearance ensures that it meets contemporary
demands for sense-provoking and immersive cultural
The main trajectory of the book is directed by a movement
aimed at addressing a series of basic questions that get at the
heart of what installation art is and how it is defined: How does
installation structure time, space and representation? How
does it address and engage its viewers? And how does it draw
in the surrounding world to become part of the work? Featuring
the work of such well-known artists as Bruce Nauman, Pipilotti
Rist, Ilya Kabakov and many others, this book breaks crucial new
ground in understanding the conceptual underpinnings of this
multifarious art form.
ForlagMuseum Tusculanum
Antal sider507
ISBN (Trykt)9788763542579
StatusUdgivet - 2015

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