Data demonstrating the challenges of determining the kinetic parameters of P-gp mediated transport of low-water soluble substrates

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The presented data are related to the research article entitled “Characterization of the IPEC-J2 MDR1 (iP-gp) cell line as a tool for identification of P-gp substrates” by Ozgur et al. (2017). This data report describes the challenges of investigating the concentration-dependent transport of P- glycoprotein (P-gp) substrates with relatively low aqueous solubility. Thus, we provide solubility data on two prototypical P-gp substrates, digoxin and rhodamine 123, representing P-gp substrates with a relatively low and high-aqueous solubility, respectively. We present a hypothetical Michaelis-Menten curve of the P-gp mediated transport of digoxin to demonstrate that the maximal donor concentration, which can be reached in the experimental transport buffer, is too low to yield transport data in the saturable range of the MichaelisMenten relationship. Furthermore, we present data on the bidirectional transport of digoxin and rhodamine 123 across cell monolayers of the MDCK II MDR1 cell line and iP-pg cell line in the presence of the selective P-gp inhibitor, zosuquidar/LY335979.
TidsskriftData in Brief
Sider (fra-til)655-659
Antal sider5
StatusUdgivet - 2018

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