Brudflader og samspil på ældreområdet

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CoRe and Ishøj Municipality has collaborated on the project Brudflader og samspil på ældreområdet (Fractions and interactions in the old age sector) through the winter 2016/2017. Researchers from CoRe has studied ethnographically how the co-creation policy in the old age administration in Ishøj changes the relations between municipality, citizens and civil society, and how this challenges and develops the professional and voluntary boundaries, continuity in community initiatives as well as citizen-involvement.
One of the focus points of the report is the projectification of care-work. While this projectification is a problematic way of organising the welfare state, it is a condition that the municipalities currently have to navigate in. The report shows how municipalities such as Ishøj handle the projectification in innovative ways. One example of this is how they succeed in co-creating a fluid type of voluntarism, where the continuity from project to project is ensured through a group highly engaged volunteers.
Bidragets oversatte titelFractions and interactions in the old age sector
StatusUdgivet - 2017

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