Zorana Jovanovic Andersen

Zorana Jovanovic Andersen


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    CV for Zorana Jovanovic Andersen (04.10.2017)


    Personal Information

    Family name, First name (Middle name): Andersen, Zorana (Jovanovic) Maiden name: (Zorana Jovanovic).

    Date of birth: June 2nd, 1975

    Address: Falkoner Alle 18B, 2000 Frederiksberg

    Married, 3 children.

    Researcher unique identifier: (ORCID) 0000-0003-4138-9828; Researcher-ID P-4983-2014


    • 2007 – PhD, University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Public Health, Section of Environmental Health, Copenhagen, Denmark (Title: ‘Short-term Health Effects of Air Pollution in Copenhagen’, Main Advisor Professor Steffen Loft)
    • 2001 – MSc Biostatistics, University of Pittsburgh (UPITT) Graduate School of Public Health (GSPH), Department of Biostatistics, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
    • 1998 – BS Biology (Pre-medical emphasis) Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH, USA (Honours: Scholars Honours Program, graduated Summa Cum Laude, top 5% grades)

    Work Experience 

    • 2012 – Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen, Department of Public Health, Center for Epidemiology and Screening.
    • 2011 – Lecturer, Danish Institute of Study Abroad (DIS), Copenhagen, Denmark
    • 2007 – 2012    Researcher, Danish Cancer Society Research Center, Copenhagen, Denmark
    • 2003 – 2007    PhD student, UCPH, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Public Health, Section of Environmental Health, Copenhagen, Denmark
    • 2001 – 2003    Research Assistant, UCPH, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Public Health, Section of Biostatistics, Copenhagen, Denmark
    • 1998 – 2001   Research Assistant, UPITT GSPH, Department of Biostatistics, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

    Fellowships, Grants and Awards 

    • 2017 – The Danish Working Environment Research Fund (1,792,958 DKK), ‘Association between shift work and neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders in Danish nurses ’
    • 2016 – Novo Nordisk Fond (677,414 DKK), ‘Physical Activity, Air Pollution and the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke’
    • 2016 – Danish Heart Association (75,000 DKK) ‘Air pollution and cardiovascular disease’
    • 2016 – Danish Heart Association (433,000 DKK) ‘Wind turbine noise and cardiovascular disease’
    • 2015 – Danish Council for Independent Research, Research Grant DFF-4183-00353 (1,928,668 DKK), ‘HEalth Risks associated with exposure to road traffic Noise (HypERION)’
    • 2014 – Novo Nordisk Fonden Resreach Grant NN6935 (107,000 EUR) 'Air pollution, smoking, and breast cancer'
    • 2014 – Johannes Clemmensend Foundation Grant (10,000 EUR)
    • 2013 & 2011 – Travel Grants (1,300 EUR & 500 EUR), Danish Lung Association
    • 2011 – Travel Grant (600 EUR), Danish Heart Association     
    • 2007 – Young Scientist Fellowship (600 EUR), European Respiratory Society
    • 2004 – First prize (700 EUR), PhD Student Poster Competition, UCPH, Denmark


    • 2012 – 2013 Lecturer, ‘Epidemiology: Danish Case Studies’ DIS, Copenhagen, Denmar
    • 2011 – current Course Leader & Lecturer ‘Data Processing in Health Care/Public Health Informatics’, MSc, IT & Health/Sundhed og Informatik, UCPH, Denmark
    • 2011 – 2016 Course Leader ‘Health Care Informatics’, MSc, IT & Health, UCPH, Denmark
    • 2010 – Guest Lecturer ‘Air Pollution Epidemiology’, UCPH, Denmark
    • 2011 –  Main Organiser of the Annual Seminar Series on Danish Health Registries, UCPH

    Organization of Scientific Meetings

    • 2017/2018 International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE) Young meeting in Munich, Germany, March 2018
    • 2011 – 2017 Scientific Committee, 3d & 4th WeBIOPATR Workshop & Conference ‘Particulate Matter: Research and Management’, Belgrade, Serbia

    Advisory Board Memberships

    • Member of Advisory Board for the Project ‘Effect of noise on health and wellbeing’, led by Per Finne & Torben Holm Petersen, DELTA Acoustics, Hørsholm, Denmark
    • Member of Advisory Board for the Project ‘Air Pollution and Noise in the Capital Region,’ led by Claus Werner Nielsen, COWI, Lyngby, Denmark

    • Member of Advisory Board for the Project ‘Traffic regulation, air pollution and noise in Copenhagen’, Copenhagen Solutions Lab, Municipality of Copenhagen

    • 2010 Expert panel member ‘Effects of Climate Change on Allergic and Respiratory Morbidity’

    Editorial Board Membership

    • Member of Editorial Board in Environmental Epidemilogy


    2014 – PhD Thesis Committee Chair, UCPH

    2011 – Review panel member for International Society for Environmental Epidemiology

    2009 – Reviewer: Lancet, JAMA, Circulation, OEM, Stroke, Thorax, J Resp Crit Care Med, Environ Health Perspect, J Neurology, J Occup Environ Med, Environ Health, J Cancer Survivorship

    Membership of Scientific Societies

    • International Society for Environmental Epidemiology 
    • International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH) - the Scientific Committee
      on Epidemiology in Occupational Health (EPICOH)
    • Previous: European Respiratory Society (2008 - 2016), European Cancer Organization (2013/2016), European Stroke Organization (2011 - 12), International Statistical Institute (2005/06); Eastern North American Region International Biometric Society (1999 – 2001); American Statistical Association (1999 – 2001); American Public Health Association (1999 – 2000)

    Selected Presentations at Conferences/Meetings in Last 3 Years

    • 2017, September 7, Invited Key Note Speaker, 6th WeBIOPATR Workshop - Particulate Matter: Research and Management: 'Air Pollution Epidemiology in Denmark: Overview‘, Belgrade, Serbia

    • 2017, March 22nd, Invited Plenary Speaker, NOSA (Nordic Society for Aerosol Research): ‘Air Pollution Epidemiology: Overview and Major Findings in Denmark,’ Lund, Sweden

    • 2016, November 17th, Invited Speaker, Meeting on Environmental Exposures and Health, Aarhus University, Århus, Denmark: ‘Air Pollution, Road Traffic and Wind Turbine Noise in the Danish Nurse Cohort’

    • 2016, September 6th, Invited Speaker, European Respiratory Society International Congress: ‘Lung cancer carcinogenesis and air quality,’ London, UK

    • 2016, September 4th, International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE): ‘Air Pollution and Brain Tumor in 12 European Cohorts: ESCAPE Study,’ Rome, Italy

    • 2016, June 3d, The First Danish Future Earth Summit: ‘Air Pollution, Active Transport, and Health’, Copenhagen, Denmark

    • 2016, March 10th, European Breast Cancer Conference: ‘Diabetes, diabetes treatment and mammographic density in Danish Diet, Cancer, and Health cohort’ Amsterdam, Holland

    • 2015, November 2nd, International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE) Young: ‘Physical Activity, Air Pollution, COPD and Asthma’ Utrecht, Holland

    • 2015, October 15th, Invited Speaker 5d WeBIOPATR Workshop - Particulate Matter: Research and Management: ‘Air Pollution and Breast Cancer: Overview,’ Belgrade, Serbia


    88 articles (18 as a first, 25 as second, and14 as last author) in major international peer-reviewed journals. The publications include: 8 Environ Health Perspect [2016 Impact Factor (IF): 9.8], 5 Environ Health [IF:3.8], 3 in Thorax [IF:8.1], 3 Stroke [IF:5.5], 8 Epidemiology [IF:6.1], 6 Environ Int [IF:5.9], 2 British Medical Journal [IF:19.7], 2 Eur Heart J [IF:15.1], 2 Am J Crit Care Resp Med [IF:13.1],1 Lancet [IF:44.0], 1 Lancet Oncol [IF:26.5], 1 Diabetologia [IF:6.2].

    A book chapter, 5 reports and >40 peer-reviewed international conference proceedings.

    H-Index ISI Web of Science (24.08.2017): 31 &Google Scholar (21.09.2017): 34

    Average citations per item: 31.22

    Sum of times cited: 2.654 / sum of times cited without self-citations: 2.507



    ID: 36095499