Wouter Boomsma

Wouter Boomsma


I am a professor in the Machine Learning section of the Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. Here, I head the BioML group, which aims at developing of Machine Learning techniques for solving fundamental challenges in biology.

Currently, the main research interests in my group are models for understanding the relationship between protein sequence, structure and function. This includes representation learning of protein sequence and structure, prediction of 3D structure, and systematic optimization of proteins for specific traits (for instance using Bayesian optimization). Our methods have applications in diverse areas, both in industry (protein engineering), basic biology (how do mutations affect protein interaction networks) and health (understanding the role of mutations in human disease). Please see the group website for details:  https://ku-bioml.github.io.

Recently, we received funding by the Novo Nordisk Foundation for creating a Center for Basic Machine Learning Research in life Science (MLLS), together with 5 other machine learning groups in the Copenhagen area. More details on this can he found here: www.mlls.dk. 

ID: 40103911