Tom Hamborg Nielsen

Tom Hamborg Nielsen

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Research area: Plant biology, including plant physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology.

My Research is mainly been focussed on two related areas:

  • Phosphate sensing and assimilation.

    Phosphate is a major nutrient in plants. During phosphate starvation, plants adapt in several ways to increase uptake and optimise utilization of phosphate. We study regulations of gene expression in respose to altered phosphate availability eg. by combining nutrient analysis, hydroponics, isolation and characterisation of T-tagged Arabidopsis mutants and transgenic plants with altered phosphate sensing. One focus within this research area is studying a specific family of transcription factors involved in phosphate stress response. Most recently, I have also engaged in research om producing poly-phosphate in higher plants.

  • Regulation of carbohydrate metabolism in plants.

    Regulation of enzymes involved in biosynthesis of major compounds like sucrose and starch. Presently I am also inovlved in investigating fructan accumulation in temperate grass species. The metabolic analysis includes quantification of a range of key metabolites and flux analysis by radiolabelig studies, purification and characterization of regulatory enzymes, and production and characterization of transgenic plants and recombinant enzymes produced in microbes.

Academic degrees

  • Ph.D. Plant Physiology (lic. agro). The Department of Plant Physiology, KVL, Denmark, 1987

  • M.Sc., Horticultural Science (cand. hort.), The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural Univ., Frederiksberg, 1983


  • Jan ­'96 - present: Associate Professor (lektor), Department of Plant Biology, LIFE, KU. Presently also affiliated to "Center for Molecular Plant Physiology". The Danish National Research Foundation.

  • Jan ­'95-Dec '95: Research fellow (sabattical) at Botanisches Institut, Universität Heidelberg. Germany

  • ­'93- ­'95: Assistant Professor (adjunkt) Dept. Plant Biology, KVL, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • ­'91-­'93: postdoc. Dept. Plant Biology, KVL, Denmark.

  • ­'89-­'91: postdoc., Dept. Plant Biology, KVL, Denmark. ­'88-­'89: postdoc., North Carolina State Univer­sity, USA.

  • ­'85-'87: Ph.D. student, Dept. of Plant Physiology, KVL, Denmark.

  • ­'83-­'84: Research scientist, Inst. of Glasshouse Crops, Danish Inst. of Plant and Soils Sci. Årslev, DK


Presently (2006-2007) involved in following courses:

  • Biokemi-1 (230002)

  • Videregående Plantebiologi (250047) (Responsible organiser)

  • Experimental Molecular Biology (240042) (Responsible organiser)

  • Molecular Plant Biochemistry and Physiology (240028)

Honorary appointments

  • Chairman of Education committee Department of Plant Biology, LIFE, KU

  • Member of Studyboad (NSN)

  • Vice President in SPPS (Scandinavian Society for Plant Physiology).

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