Tina Wahl Haase

Tina Wahl Haase


Træffetid: Tirsdage kl. 11:00-12:00

In my PhD project, I focus on toddlers' emotion regulation and how different emotion regulation strategies unfold in a daycare setting. The aims of the project are: 1) to review existing measures on toddlers' interpersonal emotion regulation strategies and 2) to develop an observational tool designed for use in a Danish Daycare setting to systematically assess emotion regulation strategies in children 1-3 years old.  

The project is a part of the research project The Copenhagen Daycare Project at the Center for Early Interventions and Family Studies (CIF). 

I graduated as a psychologist from the University of Copenhagen in 2017 and have since then worked as a research assistant in different projects at the Center for Early Intervention and Family Studies. Common to these projects has been the focus on small children’s attachment relationships and the children’s socio-emotional development.

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