Søren Bak

Søren Bak


Date & place of birth 31-03-1966, Denmark Citizenship Danish E-mail Bak@life.ku.dk Telephone +45 35333346

Academic degrees:

1997: Ph.D., KVL. 1993: Cand. scient. University of Copenhagen.


Present: Professor, Dept. of Plant Biology, LIFE, KU. 2000 - 2005 Assistant & Associate Prof. Dept. of Plant Biology, KVL. 1998 - 2000: Visiting Scientist. The University of Arizona, USA.

Current Research:

Evolution of natural products in plants and insects. Metabolic engineering. Metabolite profiling and transcriptomics. Multigene families.

Other scientific merits:

Invited speaker at 15 international meetings Board member of Center for Applied Bioinformatics at LIFE, KU. Bioinformatics website: "The Arabidopsis P450, UGT, cytochrome b5, and P450 Reductase Site at PlaCe" ( www.p450.kvl.dk).

Publications: 60 peer reviewed articles in international journals, >2300 citations, H-index (ISI web of science 28; google scholar 30), one paper in Science 2nd author, one in Nature Communications senior author, two paper in PNAS (3rd and senior author), two papers in Plant Cell (1st and senior author) three papers in “Faculty 1000” one as first author and two as senior author, three peer reviewed book chapters and five patents since 1996. Full publications list available at: http://www.p450.kvl.dk/bak.shtml

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