Seyed Mojtaba Ghiasi

Seyed Mojtaba Ghiasi


Academic Awards:

  1. 1.       01/2015-06/2018: PhD (second PhD) in cellular and genetic medicine, BMI, UCPH, Denmark

PhD thesis: Molecular mechanisms of inflammatory and metabolic stress-induced dysfunction and apoptosis related to ER stress in pancreatic beta cells

Main supervisor/Mentor: Prof. Thomas Mandrup-Poulsen

Co-supervisors: Prof. Peter E. Nielsen, Prof. Henrik E. Poulsen; Project evaluator/Mentor: Prof. Jens Høiriis Nielsen

  1. 2.       09/2008-03/2012: PhD (first PhD) in molecular genetics and immunology, NIGEB, Iran

PhD thesis: Evaluation of mouse systematic and mucosal immune responses to immunogenic epitopes of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus glycoprotein expressed in transgenic plants.

Main supervisor: Prof. Ali-Hatef Salmanian

Co-supervisors: Prof. Sedighe Zakeri and Prof. Dr. Sadegh Chinikar

  1. 3.       1999-2002: MSc in cellular and molecular biology, Khatam Institute, Iran

Supervisor: Prof. Ali H. Salmanian

MSc thesis: Isolation, Characterization, Cloning of EPSPS Gene from Genome, cDNA, and site-directed mutagenesis to make glyphosate resistant crops

  1. 4.       1995-1999: BSc in microbiology, Azad University, Iran

Three-year Internship: in medical laboratory, Qom, Iran

Professional/project managing & leading experience:

  1. 11/2015-till now: Postdoctoral scientist; Prof. Ivana Novak, Bio Dpt, UCPH, Denmark
  2. 04/2014-06/2018: Research Scientist/PhD Fellow (2nd PhD); Prof. T. Mandrup-Poulsen, BMI, UCPH, Denmark
  3. 01/2013-12/2013: Research Scientist; Prof. P. L. Andersen, SSI, Denmark
  4. 04/2011-07/2011: Visiting Scientist; Prof. M. Lisby, UCPH, Denmark
  5. 09-2008-03/2012: PhD Fellow (1st PhD), Prof. A.H. Salmanian, NIGEB, Iran
  6. 01/2007-04/2011: Research Scientist; Prof. S. Chinikar, Pasteur Institute, Iran
  7. 07/2007-04/2011: Lab Manager & Supervisor (as afternoon side job): Prof. S. Mirdamadi, Laleh Hospital, Tehran, Iran
  8. 01/2003-12/2005: Project Manager (Production line/QA/QC Manager); Prof. N. Maghsoudi, Rec Pharma, Iran
  9. 04/2002-12/2002: Research Assistant; Prof. A.H. Salmanian, NIGEB, Iran

Grant recipients:

  1. 2019: 1.52 Million DKK:  fellowship/research grant, Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF)
  2. 2018: 1.2 Million DKK:  fellowship grant, Danish Diabetes Academy (DDA), dropped due to overlapped
  3. 2018: 583K DKK: salary and research grant, The Carlsberg Foundation, dropped due to overlapped
  4. 2017: 100K DKK; research grant, The Augustinus Foundation
  5. 2015; 100K DKK; research grant, The Bjarne Jensen Foundation
  6. 2015; 180K DKK; research grant, The Augustinus Foundation
  7. 2014; 550K DKK; fellowship grant, Danish Diabetes Academy (DDA)
  8. 2014; 650K DKK; fellowship and research grant, Zealand Pharma
  9. 2008; 15K €; research grant, World Health Organization (WHO)
  10. 2008; 40K US$; research grant, Pasteur Institute
  11. 2007; 20K US$; research grant,  Center of Disease Control (CDC) of Iran

Selected project leading (National & International):

  1. 2015-2018: the role of RNA decay pathways in metabolic/inflammatory beta cell damage, BMI, UCPH
  2. 2015-2018: the role of inflammasome in pancreatic beta cell biology, BMI, UCPH
  3. 2015-2018: the role of GRP94 chaperone in insulin biosynthesis, BMI, UCPH
  4. 2014-2017: effect of Rotigaptide on pancreatic beta cell function and survival, Zealand Pharma-BMI, UCPH
  5. 2013: evaluation of immune responses to recombinant viral vaccines, EU-FASTVAC project, SSI
  6. 2009-2010: design, construction and functional assessment of a PhiC31/attB-attP based binary vector, NIGEB
  7. 2008-2010: international Network for Capacity Building for the Control of Emerging Viral Vector Borne Zoonotic Diseases, EC-FP7, Pasteur Institute de Paris
  8. 2008-2010: generation of transgenic plant expressing immunogenic epitopes of CCHF virus glycoprotein and evaluation of immunological response in laboratory animal, NIGEB
  9. 2009: phylogeneic and serological determination of West Nile, Dengue Fever and Rift Valley Fever viruses, Pasteur Institute
  10. 2008: expression and Immunogenicity evaluation of CCHF Virus Glycoprotein using Semliki Forest Virus and  Baculovirus Systems, Pasteur Institute


English :           Academic/General IELTS and TOEFL; Professional and outstanding

Danish:             upper Intermediate

ID: 101363578