Rasmus Kjøller

Rasmus Kjøller


Section of Terrestrial Ecology, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen, Universitetsparken 15, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark

Born in Copenhagen 1970, Danish citizen
Married, three children

Associate Professor at Biological Institute, University of Copenhagen

Assistant Professor at Biological Institute, University of Copenhagen

Post doc. at Botanical Institute, University of Copenhagen. Funded by the Carlsberg Foundation

Post doc. in Thomas D. Bruns laboratory at University of California – Berkeley, USA.  Funded by the Danish Research Council

Received the PhD degree in Botany based on the thesis: Detection and activity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and their interaction with the root pathogen Aphanomyces euteiches

PhD student. Funded by the Danish Environmental Agency

MS in Biology from University of Copenhagen

Matriculated at University of Copenhagen

Active funding

PI: Aboveground-belowground functional interactions between plant effect traits and fungal response traits in forests. DFF DKK 2,39 mill – Post doc salery and consumables.

PI: Functional traits in mycorrhizal ecology. Carlsberg Foundation DKK 0,05 mill – Travel grant for sabbatical at EEZ-CSIC, Granada, Spain

PI: Biological aggregate formation towards a healthy soil - AGGREGATE.  Novo Nordisk Foundation DKK 3 mill – My share covers about 25% (0.75 mill) of the grant which includes technician help, post doc salary as well as consumables

Co-PI: GENEPEASE-II: Pesticide Effects on Agricultural Soil Ecosystems. 2.501.082. Danish Environmental Agency DKK 2.5 mill – My share covers about 5% (0.15 mill) of the grant which includes salary and consumables

Co-PI: Microbiome Assisted Triticum Resilience In X-dimensions (MATRIX).  Novo Nordisk Foundation DKK 62.5 mill (grant holder, Lars Hestbjerg Hansen) – My share covers about 5% (3.1 mill) of the grant which includes one PhD student plus some extra technician and post doc months as well as consumables 

Current administration and special tasks

Head of the Studies
for Biology program on UCPH

Member of the Editorial board for the Springer journal Mycorrhiza.

Secretary in the Docent, dr. scient. Lauritz W. Olson’s Travel Foundation supporting UCPH mycology student’s participation in conferences, field trips etc.

Current or recent participation in larger networking activities

member of 4EU+ Flagship 4 (Environmental transitions)

Member of Mycology Denmark – a network including most institutions working with fungi in DK spanning both academia as industry

network member, a UCPH sponsored network investigating land sparing versus land sharing for biodiversity measures


Since 1996 I have been involved in all stages of university teaching including bachelor, graduate and PhD courses and supervision of students. My formal University Pedagogy education through the obligatory teaching course University Pedagogy and Didactics was approved in 2005 by the Faculty of Science.

I have organized PhD courses in 2016 (Microbial Community Analysis) and 2007 (From Environmental Sample to DNA Sequences) both the 20-25 students.

Evaluation commissions

In the evaluation board for PhD exams at University of Aarhus University (2012 and 2017), University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan (2016), Lund University (2008 and 2013), University of Copenhagen (2013), Oslo University (2012), University of Tartu  (2013), Inspruck Univeristy (2008), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) (2005)

Evaluated research applications for the Research Councils or other research bodies of: Netherlands (2015, 2012 and 2010), SNS/EFINORD (2014), Estonia (2011) and Norway (2004) 

Referee commissions

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek International Journal, Applied Soil Ecology, Ecography, Ecology, FEMS journals, Forest Ecology and Management, Fungal Ecology, International Journal of Phytoremediation, ISME Journal, Journal of Ecology, Journal of Forestry, Microbial Ecology, Molecular Ecology, Mycological Research, Mycorrhiza, New Phytologist, Plant & Soil, PLoS ONE


Cand Scient, PhD

ID: 12624