Peter Andrew Hosner

Peter Andrew Hosner



Ph.D. University of Kansas, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (2014). Dissertation title: Drivers of avian diversification in an island archipelago

B.S. Cornell University, Dept. of Natural Resources (2003). Thesis title: A comparison of dispersal estimation methods in birds using a local dispersal study and data from the National Bird Banding Lab

Professional appointments

University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Sciences, Natural History Museum of Denmark, Center for Macroecology, Evolution, and Climate. Associate Professor and Curator of Birds

Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History. Department of Vertebrate Zoology. Division of Birds. Peter Buck Postdoctoral Fellow, 2017–2018

School for Field Studies. Center for Himalayan Studies. Program Academic Lead and Resident Lecturer, 2016–2017

University of Florida. Department of Biology and Florida Museum of Natural History. Postdoctoral Associate, 2014­–2017

Peer-reviewed publications

  1. Oliveros, C.H., Andersen, M.J., Hosner, P.A., Mauk, W.M., Sheldon, F.H., Cracraft, J. & R.G. Moyle. In press. Rapid Laurasian diversification of a pantropical bird family during the Oligocene-Miocene transition. Ibis.
  2. Chesser, R.T., Vaseghi, H., Hosner, P.A., Bergner, L.M., Cortes-Rodriguez, M.N, Welch, A.J., and C.T. Collins. 2018. Molecular systematics of swifts of the genus Chaetura (Aves: Apodiformes: Apodidae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 128:162–171
  3. Hosner, P.A., Campillo, L.C., Andersen, M.J, Sánchez-González, L., Oliveros, C.H., Urriza, R.C., and R.G. Moyle.2018. How do differing views on species limits affect recognition of avian diversity and endemism in biodiversity hotspots? An example in the Philippine Archipelago. Conservation Genetics 19:1151–1168.
  4. Kyriazis, C.C.*, Alam, B.*, Wjodyla, M.*, Hackett, S., Hosner, P.A., Mays, H.L., L.R. Heaney, and S. Reddy. 2018. Colonization and diversification of the White-browed Shortwing (Aves: Muscicapidae: Brachypteryx montana) in the Philippines. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 121:121–131
  5. Saupe, E.E., Barve, N., Owens, H.L., Cooper, J.C., Hosner, P.A., and A.T. Peterson. 2018. Reconstructing ecological niche evolution when niches are incompletely characterized. Systematic Biology: 67:428–438
  6.    Moyle, R.G., Manthey, J.D., Hosner, P.A., Rahman, M., Lakim, M., and F.H. Sheldon. 2017. A genome wide assessment of stages of elevational parapatry in Borneo reveals no introgression: implications for process and patterns of speciation. PeerJ 5:e3335
  7.    Hosner, P.A., Tobias, J.A., Braun, E.L., and R.T. Kimball. 2017. How do seemingly non-vagile taxa accomplish trans-marine dispersal? Trait and dispersal evolution in the landfowl (Aves: Galliformes). Proceedings of the Royal Society Series B 284:20170210
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  12.   Persons*, N.W., Kimball, R.T., Hosner, P.A., Meiklejohn, K.A., and E.L. Braun. 2016. Sorting out relationships among the grouse and ptarmigan using intron, mitochondrial, and ultra-conserved element sequences. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 98:123–132
  13.    Hosner, P.A., Faircloth, B.C., Glenn, T.C., Braun, E.L., and R.T. Kimball. 2015. Avoiding missing data biases in phylogenomic inference of landfowl (Aves: Galliformes). Molecular Biology and Evolution 33:1110–1125
  14. Winger, B.M., Hosner, P.A., Bravo, G., Cuervo, A.M., Aristizábal, N., Cueto, L. and J. Bates. 2015. Inferring the biogeographic history of speciation in the Andes with genotyping-by-sequencing: an example in the bay-backed antpittas (Aves; Grallariidae; Grallaria hypoleuca s. l.). Molecular Ecology 24:6256–6277
  15. Hosner, P.A., Cueto-Aparicio, L., Ferro-Meza, G., Miranda, D., and M.B. Robbins. 2015. Vocal and molecular phylogenetic evidence for recognition of a thistletail species (Furnariidae: Asthenes) endemic to the elfin forests of Ayacucho, Peru. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 127:724–730
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                                    * denotes undergraduate mentee co-author

Non-peer-reviewed publications

  1.    Peterson, A.T., R.G. Moyle, F. Lei, L.C. Campillo, Hosner P.A., Klicka, L.B., Lim, H.C., Nyári, Á.S., Qu, Y., Reddy, S., Sheldon, F.H., Zou. 2015. Avian evolution in the Southeast Asian tropics. Current Zoology 61: 898–900
  2.    Hosner, P.A. 2011. Review of Birds of Borneo, Brunei, Sabah, Sarawak, and Kalimantan by Susan Myers. Quarterly Review of Biology 86:63
  3.    Hosner, P.A. 2010. Birding off the beaten path. Neotropical Birding 7: 42–47
  4.    Hosner, P.A. 2008. Review of Field Guide to the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago by Martyn Kenefick, Robin Restall, and Floyd Hayes. Quarterly Review of Biology 83: 417–418
  5.    Hosner, P.A. 2004. Elaenia and Myiopagis. In Handbook of Birds of the World Volume 9: Cotingidae though Motacillidae. Lynx Publications, Madrid, Spain
  6.    Hosner, P.A. 2003. Loons (Gaviidae). In Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia. Gale Group, Farmington Hills, MI

Research Grants and Fellowships

2017–2020         National Science Foundation, BCS1659032: Collaborative research: an inquiry into turkey behavioral and morphological change. (Co-PI) $158,800

2017–2018         Smithsonian Institution, Peter Buck Postdoctoral Fellowship: Evolutionary genomic consequences of dispersal limitation and flight loss in birds. $106,400

2011, 2013         University of Kansas EEB Summer Research Fellowship, two awards totaling $4,000

2012                 University of Kansas, Graduate Studies Summer Research Fellowship. $5,000

2012                 American Ornithologists’ Union Student Travel Award: $700

2007, 2012         University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute, Panorama Small Grant Competition, two awards totaling $1,700

2011–2013         National Science Foundation, DEB1110619: Dissertation research: Testing the Pleistocene aggregate island complex (PAIC) diversification model in co-distributed avian lineages. Co-PI $14,900

2011                University of Kansas Graduate Student Research Fund $3,000

2011                 American Ornithologists’ Union, Alexander Wetmore Research Award $2,500

2011                 American Museum of Natural History, Frank Chapman Memorial Grant $2,000

2011                 National Geographic Society Committee for Research and Exploration: An avifaunal inventory of Ayacucho, Peru. $13,500

2010                 American Philosophical Society, Lewis and Clark Research and Exploration Grant $3,500

2008                 Tinker Foundation Research Travel Grant $850

Awards and Honors

2016                 Elective member, American Ornithological Society

2016                 American Ornithological Society, James G. Cooper Young Professional Award

2016                 Wilson Ornithological Society, Edwards Prize for best major article published in

                        Wilson Journal of Ornithology in 2015

2012                 University of Kansas, Michael S. Gaines Award, teaching excellence in undergraduate biology

Presentations (First author/presenter only)     

Invited seminars

2018                 Exploring avian diversification through natural history collections. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, CA

2017                 Biogeography and diversification of the avian model clade. American Museum of Natural History, New York NY

2016                 Phylogenomics of the avian model clade. Louisiana State Museum of Natural Science, Baton Rouge, LA

2015                 Genomic approaches to avian biogeography: from root to tip. Invited Seminar. Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History/Department of Biology, University of Oklahoma, Norman OK

2015                 Avian biogeography and phylogenomics: from root to tip. Royal Ontario Museum/University of Toronto Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Toronto ON

Symposium presentations

2018                 How do geographic barriers structure population genomic variation in Philippine birds? American Ornithological Society annual meeting, Tucson AZ.

2016                 Avian diversification in the Philippine archipelago. North American Ornithological Congress, Washington D.C.

2013                 Resolving the complex evolutionary history of a Philippine Passerine: insights from thousands of nuclear loci. American Ornithologists’ Union annual meeting, Chicago IL

Selected conference presentations

2016                 Evolution of vagility and convergent island gigantism in quail (Aves: Coturnix). North American Ornithological Congress, Washington D.C.

2016                 Evolution of vagility and convergent island gigantism in quail (Aves: Coturnix). Evolution 2016, Austin TX

2015                 Phylogeny and diversification of the New World quail (Odontophoridae). American Ornithologists’ Union Annual meeting, Estes Park, CO

2014                 Resolving the complex evolutionary history of a Philippine with genome-wide markers. Evolution 2014, Raleigh NC

2013                 Paleoclimate breaks isolated Philippine bird lineages. Evolution 2013, Snowbird UT.

2012                 Testing the Pleistocene aggregate island complex (PAIC) model of diversification in co-distributed avian lineages. North American Ornithological Congress, Vancouver BC

2011                 Testing the Pleistocene aggregate island complex (PAIC) model of diversification in co-distributed avian lineages. American Society of Field Ornithologists/Cooper Ornithological Society/Wilson Ornithological Society Annual meeting, Kearney NE

2010                 Molecular phylogeny and biogeography of the Knipolegus Black-Tyrants. American Ornithologists’ Union, San Diego CA

Field Experience

2018                 Smithsonian Institution. Avian specimen collecting expedition. Sarawak, Malaysia

2016–2017         School for Field Studies. Field ecology instructor. Bhutan

2012                 University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute. Avian specimen collecting expedition. Ayacucho, Cuzco; Peru

2012                 University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute. Vertebrate and parasite specimen collecting expedition. Bohol, Mindanao; Philippines

2011                 University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute. Vertebrate and parasite collecting expedition. Luzon, Polilio; Philippines

2009                 University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute. Vertebrate and parasite specimen collecting expedition. Govi, Mongolia

2009                 University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute. Avian specimen collecting expedition. Ayacucho, Peru

2008                 University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute. Avian specimen collecting expedition. Junin, Peru

2008                 University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute. Vertebrate specimen collecting expedition. Luzon, Mindanao; Philippines

2006–2007         SWCA Inc. Field team leader, Southwestern Willow Flycatcher population surveys. Arizona, California, USA

2006–2007         Asosiación Armonia. Cochabamba Mountain-Finch population surveys. Bolivia

2006                 U. Southern Mississippi. Field team leader, migratory bird surveys. Louisiana, USA


2005–2006         Fundación Jocototoco. Private reserve bird population surveys & mapping. Ecuador

2005                 Louisiana State University Museum of Natural Science. Avian specimen collecting expeditions & birds of tree plantation surveys. Sabah, Malaysia

2004–2005         Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory. Breeding bird surveys. Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico; USA

2004                 Cornell University. Avian community assembly surveys. Madre de Dios, Peru

2003                 Cornell Museum of Vertebrates. Avian specimen collecting expedition. Uruguay

Museum Curatorial experience

2018–               Curator of Birds, Natural History Museum of Denmark

2008–2013         Graduate Research/Curatorial Assistant, Ornithology division, University of

2002–2004         Curatorial Assistant, Ornithology and Mammalogy, Cornell Museum of Vertebrates

Collegiate Teaching experience

2016–2017         School for Field Studies

                                    SFS 3060: Mountain Ecology (instructor)

                                    SFS 4910: Directed Research (instructor)

2007–2014         University of Kansas

                                    BIO 593: Ornithology (lecture and lab, primary instructor)

                                    BIO 350: Principles of Genetics (discussion, graduate teaching assistant)

                        BIO 152: Principles of Organismal Biology (lecture and lab, graduate teaching assistant)

                        BIO 150: Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology (lab, graduate teaching assistant)


2007–               Manuscripts reviewed: Auk: Ornithological Advances, Biodiversity Informatics, Biological Journal of the Linnaean Society, Boletín SAO, Checklist, Condor: Ornithological Applications, Cotinga, Diversity & Distributions, Ecologia en Bolivia, Evolution, Florida Field Naturalist, Global Ecology & Biogeography, Ibis, Journal of Biogeography, Journal of Field Ornithology, Molecular Biology & Evolution, Molecular, Molecular Ecology, Phylogenetics & Evolution, Neotropical Biodiversity, Ornitología Neotropical, PLoS One, PeerJ, PhytoKeys, Proceedings of the Royal Society Series B, Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad, Wilson Journal of Ornithology, Zootaxa.

2009–               Cornell Lab of Ornithology eBird records reviewer, Philippines and Mongolia

2017–               American Ornithological Society, Young Professional Awards Committee

2018–               American Ornithological Society Student Presentation Award reviewer

2017                 Wilson Ornithological Society, Edwards Prize reviewer

2007–2014         University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute, Public bird collection tours and outreach events.

2011–2012         University of Kansas EEB Dept., Admissions Committee Graduate Student Representative.

2010–2011         University of Kansas EEB Dept., Executive Committee Graduate Student Representative.

2008–2010         American Ornithologists’ Union, Student Advisory Committee member

Professional Society Memberships

American Ornithological Society (AOS) – International Biogeography Society (IBS) Society of Systematic Biologists (SSB)

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