Pascal Nordgren Timshel
Pascal Nordgren Timshel


My research as a computational biologist focuses on developing data-driven algorithms and data integration to harness the power of large-scale genomic data - in other words: biological data science applied to biological 'big data'. 

My research centers around developing computational algorithms to better understand the molecular underpinnings of human diseases and complex traits - at a single cell level. I focus on integrating single-cell tramscriptomics and large-scale human genetic data to learn disease biology and interpret heterogeneity in single-cell populations – particularly in context of the brain and metabolic diseases. My long-term research goals involve applying these tools to large-scale genomic and heterogeneous biomedical data to improve disease treatment and healthcare.

Primære forskningsområder

Biomedicine, human genomics, single-cell biology, bioinformatics, machine learning

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

I am always looking for talented students motivated to do research projects within bioinformatics, data science or statistics. 

Description of available student projects: Decoding biology using machine learning and single-cell transcriptomics

Please email me if you are interested in hearing more about the opportunities  for doing an internship or student research project.

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