Ofosuhene Okofrobour Apenteng

Ofosuhene Okofrobour Apenteng


I am a mathematical epidemiologist who is interested in using and developing parameter estimation and identifiability techniques to model disease dynamics. Estimating the causal impacts of economic interventions, focusing on simulations to study the spread of infectious disease transmission, including examining the impact of tourists, migrants, and injectable drug users on HIV/AIDS, COVID-19 vaccination hesitancy model, and population dynamics. I am eager to develop new modelling approaches, and theories, and to answer highly focused applied research questions that can aid in prevention control. 

I have developed a surveillance program based on metagenomics to detect antimicrobial resistance in Danish livestock production. I have collaborated with national and international authorities, researchers, experts, and stakeholders. Currently, I am working on two HORIZON Europe-funded projects “Enhanced and cost-effective biosecurity in livestock production” (BIOSECURE) and Ecology of Wildlife, Livestock, huMan and InfectiousDiseases in changing environments (WiLiMan-ID), and Salmonella Dublin in cattle, Denmark. I have worked on several EU projects, including Promoting One Health in Europe through joint actions on foodborne zoonoses, antimicrobial resistance, and emerging microbiological hazards. 

I am a member of Infectious Disease Epidemiology & Animal Health Economics (TIPTON) group.

Research topics interests
  • Advanced mathematical epidemiology
  • Mathematical and statistical modelling
  • Numerical analyses of simulation models
  • Multiscale processes: within-host and epidemiological scale
  • Assessment of control strategies
Willing to supervise doctoral students

I have the ability to handle a wide range of projects especially:

  • Mathematical epidemiology(or more generally, mathematical modelling for infectious disease)
  • Control of infectious diseases
  • Impact of human and animal movement on infectious disease dynamics
  • To detect Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in livestock production

ID: 334148876