Øyvind Svendsen

Øyvind Svendsen


Primære forskningsområder

Øyvind is interested in how security orders function in practice. His PhD project inquires into how security communities come about in and though practice, and specifically how they deal with different forms of crises to their ways of functioning in the everyday. His empirical focus is on the European security order and the practices and institutions that binds it together.

His project is empirically located in the present and for that reason his research seeks to provide a contribution to practice theory by theorising the implications of the insecurities included in doing things when the consequences are unknown, and how social agents envision the future when they take decisions on policy.  

Supervisor: Rebecca Adler-Nissen 


  • Security
  • European foreign and security policies
  • Diplomacy
  • Political sociology
  • The practice turn
  • IR theory
  • Security Communities
  • Brexit
  • European Union
  • Norwegian politics

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder


  • Spring 2017: Approaches to International Conflicts: From Theory to Methods (MA)
  • Autumn 2017: IP1 (BA)


  • Spring 2017: Cluster supervision (MA),
  • Autumn 2017: Cluster supervision (MA), MA dissertation project

ID: 165026351