Louise Bundgaard

Louise Bundgaard


Scientific focus

The scientific focus of my research is to investigate the impact of inflammation on healing processes in orthopeadic disorders. I have a particular interest in the composition of proteins during the pathophysiology of diseases to study and improve the understanding of the pathogenesis, and explore novel diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers. In my research I combine clinical experimental work with the mass spectrometry analysis technology. This technology allows proteome studies of complex matrices as well as accurate quantification of specific proteins. 


Wound healing

My Master and PhD projects were focused on imparied wound healing in horses. In my master project I investigated if hypoxia contributed to formation of exuberant granulation tissue in equine experimental wounds. My PhD project focused on the impact of chronic inflammation on development of exuberant granulation tissue. I used mass spectrometry to absolutely quantify and study the composition of proteins in interstitial fluid collected from wounds by microdialysis. 


Stem cells and orthopaedic disorders

Currently I am a postdoctoral fellow on a project funded from the Danish Research Council for Technology and Production Sciences: Selection of the best possible cell source for cell therapy in orthopaedic disorders – tissue formation potential and response to an inflammatory micro-environment. The project is part of the activities in the research group Equine Molecular Orthopaedics


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