Leor Uestebay

Leor Uestebay


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Politics, not as we know it: The emergence of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) and the shifting modes of democratic opposition in Turkey

This dissertation is based on the leitmotif of shift in politics; questioning taken-for-granted norms of political belongings, democratic representation and aspirations within the context of the HDP in Turkey. I would like to study how a political party with various ideological traditions and organizational bodies forges ‘unity in diversity’; how the second-largest opposition party in the parliament argues for extra-parliamentary activism and “radical democracy" under an authoritarian rule. Instead of framing political parties as rational actors with stable identities, structures and interests, this research challenges the conventional separation between institutional and contentious politics. Looking at the ascendance of the changing urbanity and new protest movements in the Turkish metropolises; transformation of the Kurdish political movement in the Middle East; and the rise of ‘movement parties’ in Europe, it proposes three key assumptions: First, human subject is no longer rational, transparent and continuous. Second, politics is not about the realization of some proper form of program that fits for all, but a series of experiences and performances with ruptures, exits and new entries. Third, emerging democratic movements mark transition from preoccupation with revolutionary change or utopias to the politics of hope, implying potentiality that is brought into being in the interstices of interaction.



Turkey, Europe, Middle East

Research groups:

- Conflict, Power and Politics

- Global Development


- Introduction to the Anthropology of Islam and the Middle East, Spring 2016 & Autumn 2016

ID: 144763816